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Day to Dusk Enhancement

Get a stellar HERO SHOT.


A Hero Shot is the  photo that showcases your home...sort of like a book's cover. It will be the first thing that any prospective buyer sees on your listing. Sufficed to say, this is the most important photo.

This is why  — in addition to the usual Image Enhancements  — we enhance 2-4 (depending on plan) exterior photos with Day to Dusk Enhancement. Day to Dusk Enhancement turns any drab exterior photo to fab with a beautiful sunset.

Attract Buyers

Homes presented at dusk are beautiful, romantic and eye-catching. 

Stand Out From The Competition

Turning a photo from day to dusk will not only enhance your listing, it will help it stand out from the crowd. An eye-catching sunset will draw everyone’s attention.


Dusk Sky Replacement

Taking the perfect dusk photo is notoriously hard to do. With our tried and true techniques we turn any daytime or cloudy photo into a breathtaking sunset photo.

Brightness & Contrast Adjustment

Perfecting the brightness and contrast of the photos boosts the quality and attractiveness of the listing. Set the mood right!


Add Fire to Fire Places

Warm and inviting homes attract buyers. By adding fire to a fireplace, you can show buyers the potential, and just how comfortable the living space can be.

HDR Processing

HDR Photos add more depth to photos, making them look closer to what the human eye sees. Experienced photographers use this technique to add a 'real-life' quality to photos.

Motel_4x - cream.png

Let us handle your first impression.

In the past two years, more homes have sold site-unseen than ever before. Homes listed with stunning photographs get top dollar and sell faster—no agent needed. Have Luxe Real Estate Marketing tell the story of your home with a top-tier listing today!

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