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Make more money on your home & keep it.

Market like a Pro - for a flat-fee!

✔️ Maximize sale price

✔️ Increase your bottom line

✔️ Reduce first-time real estate stress


Are you ready to pocket an extra $10,000 or more on the sale of your home? 


How does a FSBO seller maximize their sale price without the huge seller's agent commission bill?!


By leveraging professional real estate marketing you raise the perception of value with the intention of maximizing your sale price. Luxe Real Estate Marketing allows a seller to achieve this level of marketing for a flat-fee.

Does the thought of paying a $21,000 real estate commission cost make your stomach turn? For a $350,000 home, the average  realtor cost in Pennsylvania amounts to a whopping $21,000!

This is why so many sellers choose to do it themselves and "For Sale By Owner" or "FSBO". However, often times FSBO homes sell for less than homes with full agent representation.



Let Luxe Real Estate Marketing market your home using the highest professional level marketing techniques and tools.

Keys To The New Place

Professionally market your FSBO & bring home more money.

Add professional marketing, maximize your sale price and pocket the $10K or more that you'd have spent on a realtor - without added time or stress.

On average, homes with professional marketing materials make up to 10% more money.

Only 10% of buyers can visualize a space differently than it appears to them, making professional marketing and attractive photography more crucial than ever. With a Luxe Marketing package you can share your home in its best light to get top dollar and pocket the thousands of dollars you would have given away to an agent to manage your sale. Our bespoke FSBO marketing packages empower you to make the sale on your own with ease and confidence.

With an Agent. (Sell Price) $350,000- (Agent Fees) $21,000 = Take home of $329,000

With An Agent

Buyer's Agent Fee Avg. 2.5%

Seller's Agent Fee Avg. 3.5%

FSBO - No Marketing. (Sell Price) $315,000 - (Buyer's Agent Fee) $8,000 = (Take Home) $307,000
FSBO w/Luxe Marketing. (Sell Price) $350,000 - (Buyer's Agent Fee) $8,000 - (Luxe Flat-fee) $1,500 = $340,500 (in your pocket!)

FSBO With No Marketing

FSBO With Luxe Marketing

Buyer's Agent Fee Avg. 2.5%

*Buyer's Agent Fee Avg. 2.5%

*With Luxe Silver Seller Plan

Offering buyers and their agents incentives helps seal the deal. *We recommend offering your buyer agent a 2.5%  fee. This is industry standard and why we included it in this calculation.

That's an extra $11,500 - $33,5000. 


The absolute best home marketing materials - best I have ever seen.


What Our Clients Are Saying

I have interviewed all of the movers and shakers in the current real estate sphere and James Harner's marketing plan is at the forefront of real estate marketing in the 21st century.



Their honesty and knowledge of real estate marketing was refreshing and made our home selling process go exceptionally smooth and stress free.

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