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Professional Photography & Image Enhancement

Photography is the foundation of any listing. And just as any foundation starts at the base— LUXE uses local, experienced Real Estate Photographers with professional equipment to take your base photos.

Once our photographer captures the essence of your home, we build upon that base by applying high quality, industry tried and true enhancements to complete your boutique marketing package.

Below are a few examples of the 17-step process we use to enhance images.

Sell Properties 50% Faster

Professional quality photos are statistically proven to sell listings 50% faster.

Increase Sale Price

Including professional quality photos has been proven to drastically increase the sale price of a property.

Increase Prospects 

Professional quality images have been shown to generate up to 118% more online views.

Buyers Want To See Photos

Home buyers spend 60% of their time viewing photos, while only 20% on the property description.

Screen Shot 2022-03-09 at 3.19.10 PM.png

Exposure & Color Correction

Correcting exposure and white balance ensures that items which appear white in-person show up as white in the photo. Color correction ensures that no colors are "washed out" and that they show vividly.

Removing Minor Blemishes

It can happen - a blob, mark or dirty fingerprint. Spots, dots, and blemishes can all be removed to help create a flawless photo.


Sharpening & Straightening

No one likes crooked photos - so we fix that.


Sharpening aides in emphasizing textures, improving quality and giving your photos an overall professional feel.

Lawn Enhancement

A beautiful lawn is important when selling a home because it adds to curb appeal. It may just be that time of year when your lawn is naturally brown, or it may just be the lighting. Lawn Enhancement makes sure it is lush and green.

Motel_4x - cream.png

Let us handle your first impression.

In the past two years, more homes have sold site-unseen than ever before. Homes listed with stunning photographs get top dollar and sell faster—no agent needed. Have Luxe Real Estate Marketing tell the story of your home with a top-tier listing today!

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