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Terms of Service

Terms of use. Acceptance of any product, service, or communication, constitutes a private agreement between the User ( Hereinafter: “Seller” “You”) and Luxe Realty Marketing ( Hereinafter: “LUXE” “Us” or “We”). The purpose of this private agreement is to define the services and the terms by which such services will be delivered.


By completing this agreement the Seller certifies that he/she is the legal owner the property to be marketed and has all rights to sell the property Seller intends to market.


LUXE Realty Marketing is not a Realtor, Broker, or Agent. We are a private business and are not licensed to provide services to Federal Employees or their Dependents. Therefore, accept services at your own risk.  


Seller will complete a separate Real Estate Listing Agreement (“RELA”) with James Harner Group, LLC (Hereinafter “Agent”). The RELA is required in order list the property through listing syndication channels including but not limited to the MLS system. Seller forfeits, without recourse, all services which require RELA if RELA is not completed and submitted.

LUXE’s realty marketing services (outlined below in “Services” section) are sold “as is”, meaning that no guarantee is made on the performance of your listing. With respect to this agreement, Seller maintains full control of their property and listing and as such retains full responsibility for how the listing performs. Terms of RELA vary, for instance: Seller may or may not opt for additional Realtor services. All Realtor services are between Seller and JHG. Please refer to RELA for details.


LUXE is a tool for property owners who want to get the most out of the experience of selling their own home. While LUXE provides additional education for how to use the tools at Seller’s disposal, the experience and ultimate end result will depend on many complex factors. Your effort and focus during this endeavor is among the most important of those factors.


All consideration funds will be denominated in Lawful Money per 12 USC 411, where applicable.


If for some reason you need to cancel LUXE’s marketing services, you may request a full refund if no services have yet been completed. Request must be submitted to LUXE, via email or writing, no later than fifteen days after payment is made.


After a service has been completed: We work with people from your local community to complete our marketing services. All end products are sold "as is". However, if you are unhappy because of a specific defect in the marketing, please let us know and we will do our very best to fix it, within reason.

Distance - Travel Time

LUXE may increase the price of any product or service that includes significant travel time (greater than 30 minutes). If your property is further than approx 45  minutes, please contact us to see if an increase is necessary. If you have already purchased a product and it is found that you do not wish to pay the increase LUXE may cancel your order and offer you a refund.


Services vary based on the plan or package Seller opts to choose. Seller may wish to obtain customized services or add services “a-la-carte”. Any details on additions or custom services should be in writing from LUXE and supersedes the services list here. 


Notice that some Services are contingent upon actions of Seller (such as getting home prepared for Photography) and therefore cannot be performed if Seller has not satisfied requirements. See: “Seller’s Responsibility” and “Contingency” section.

“Smart Seller” Plan (Entries 1-7 only)

  1. Professional Advertising and Advertisement Copy Writing. An experienced salesman or woman will write all advertisement copy to help your property stand out and sell.

  2. MLS Listing and Syndication. Your professionally written advertisement and photographs are listed on Multi List Service (MLS) using a Realtor via the RELA.

  3. Professional Photography and Image Enhancement. An experienced Real Estate Photographer will take  interior and  exterior photographs. Two to four exterior photos will be enhanced in the “bluetime” style, depending on plan. LUXE will provide a Photo Preparation Checklist. 

  4. Yard Signage and Lock Box. 

  5. Brochure. Will be mailed following your photography session.

  6. Open House Advertising. Lists the Seller provided date across all advertisements.

  7. ShowingTime. LUXE will organize access to ShowingTime app for Seller to manage all showings.

“Silver Seller” Plan (Includes all entries 1-10)

  8. Virtual Tour. Taken same day as the rest of the photos. Hosted for 12 months. 

  9. Digital Floor Plan. We take measurements of each room and deliver an illustrative floor plan.

  10. Aerial Drone Photo. Taken same day as the rest of the photos.

“The Luxe” Plan (Includes entries 1-14)

  11. Narrated Lifestyle Tour. Initial media obtained on Photography day. Additional time necessary to complete editing and narration.

  12. Exclusive Commercial Website. 

  13. Custom E-mail and Social Media Marketing Templates. 

  14. Exclusive Worldwide Syndication.

Seller's Responsibility

There are a number of tasks which require your attention and action in order for LUXE to complete certain Services. Seller must complete these tasks and communicate properly with LUXE.


“Smart Seller” Plan (Entries 1-7 only)

  1. Professional Advertising and Advertisement Copy Writing. Seller will provide the Agent with all relevant information necessary for the property to be listed and a sale completed.

  2. MLS Listing and Syndication. If Seller expressly wishes to list the subject property in the Multi List Service, a relationship with a Realtor is required. This relationship is detailed in RELA and achieved once the document is signed and completed.

  3. Professional Photography and Image Enhancement. Seller must prepare their home to be photographed. It is recommended that Seller complete entire Photo Preparation Checklist as well as any addition preparation that Seller may deem necessary. Seller may waive any preparation at their own discretion and responsibility via writing. Photographs are taken on the same day as Lock Box and Yard Sign are installed. See #4 below.

  4. Yard Signage and Lock Box. Seller must be in communication with LUXE to take steps to ensure that our Photographer has access to your home on the day scheduled. This includes a key that can be installed with the Lock Box. If our Photographer comes on the day which he was scheduled and which Seller agreed to, and is unable to access the property to complete his tasks; the fee to reschedule a second session is $100.

  5. Brochures. It is the Seller’s responsibility to ensure the brochures are displayed and offered properly for any showings or open houses.

  6. Open House Advertising. If you choose to advertise an open house, LUXE must be informed of the date and time and we will make sure the open house is part of your advertisements and syndication.

  7. ShowingTime. Seller must communicate with LUXE to ensure proper credentials for setup and sign in to ShowingTime.


“Silver Seller” Plan (includes all previous entries from “Smart Seller” Plan)

   8. Virtual Tour. Access. Will be taken same day as the rest of the photos. 

   9. Digital Floor Plan. Access. The photographer will take measurements at the time he is there.

   10. Aerial Drone Photo. The photographer will complete this step during his visit. Photo Checklist applies.


“The Luxe” Plan (Includes entries 1-14)

   11. Narrated Lifestyle Tour. Initial media obtained on Photography day.

   12. Exclusive Commercial Website.

   13. Custom E-mail and Social Media Marketing Templates. 

   14. Exclusive Worldwide Syndication.


If services are contingent on certain actions of Seller and those actions are not performed, LUXE is then blocked from completing services. Your communication with LUXE on the status of these actions is vital. LUXE will work in good faith to complete all services, however if a service is not completed due to inaction of Seller there will not be a refund (See: “Refunds” section). Persistent inaction on the part of Seller will result in the forfeiture of the right to all services hindered due to Seller inaction.



Prompt communication is vital in order to complete all services and products in a timely manner. There are two required telephone calls: 


  1. Introductory Call

  2. Follow up and pre-photography call


LUXE and James Harner Group are not responsible for delays due to Seller’s unresponsiveness. If Seller is unresponsive longer than one year after the date on this agreement, all rights will be deemed abandoned and both LUXE and James Harner Group are discharged of all obligation.


This Luxe Realty Marketing Private Agreement form Marketing Services is a Good-Faith Agreement, meaning: that all men and women will exercise Good-Faith to ensure completion of the terms in order for Seller to adequately market their home. All parties agree that Good-Faith will be exercised in the settlement of any and all disputes, without involving any foreign entity. If Good-Faith is exercised in fulfilling the terms and for some reason they cannot be completed, all obligations are discharged. privacy policy applies to all website use.

Image Ownership & Usage

Seller retains ownership of all images and/or video produced on behalf of this agreement. Seller agrees that LUXE, JHG, and any other affiliated organization may use any image or product of this agreement for marketing or promotional purposes.

All rights reserved. Without prejudice.

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